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- Annelids: Polychaetes
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  majids (spider crabs)
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Achaeus japonicus
Achaeus cf. japonicus
Achaeus sp. A
Camposcia retusa
Cyclax suborbicularis
Huenia cf. brevifrons
Huenia proteus
Hyastenus plenasius
Lambrachaeus ramifer
Menaethius monoceros
Schizophrys cf. hilensis
Schizophrys aspera
majid sp. A
majid sp. B
majid sp. C
majid sp. D
majid sp. E
majid sp. G
majid sp. H
majid sp. J
majid sp. K
majid sp. L
majid sp. M
majid sp. N
majid sp. O
majid sp. P
portunids (swimming crabs)
Charybdis obtusifrons
Lissocarcinus orbicularis
Lupocyclus quinquedentatus
Portunus longispinosus
Portunus sp. A
Portunus sp. B
Thalamita aff. admete
Thalamita coeruleipes
Thalamita crenatus
Thalamita cf. prymna
Thalamita pseudopelsarti
Thalamita spinimerus
portunid sp. A
portunid sp. B
portunid sp. C
portunid sp. D
portunid sp. E
portunid sp. F
portunid sp. G
portunid sp. H
portunid sp. J
portunid sp. K
portunid sp. L
portunid sp. M
portunid sp. N
portunid sp. O
portunid sp. P
portunid sp. Q
portunid sp. R
portunid sp. S
portunid sp. T
portunid sp. U
portunid sp. V
portunid sp. W
xanthids (round crabs)
Actaea cf. polyacantha
Acteodes tomentosus
Atergatis floridus
Atergatis granulatus
Atergatopsis cf. germanini
Atergatopsis signatus
Carpilius maculatus
cf. Chlorodiella sp. A
Cymo quadrilobata
Etisus splendidus
Etisus utilis
Hirsutodynomene spinosa
Liomera rubra
Liomera cf. rugata
Liomera stimpsoni
Liomera tristis
Liomera cf. tristis
Lobozozymus edwardsi
Lobozozymus incisus
Lybia tessellata
Lybia sp. 1
Macromedaeus crassimanus
Macromedaeus cf. nudipes
Olenothus uogi
Pilodius pugil
Pilumnus taeniola
Tetralia sp. A
Trapezia ferruginea
Trapezia guttata
Trapezia lutea
Trapezia rufopunctata
Viaderiana quadrispinosa
Xanthus punctatus
Zosimus aeneus
Xanthias sp. A
xanthid sp. A
Xanthid sp. B
Xanthid sp. C
Xanthid sp. D
Xanthid sp. E
Xanthid sp. F
Xanthid sp. G
Xanthid sp. H
Xanthid sp. I
Xanthid sp. J
Xanthid sp. K
Xanthid sp. L
Xanthid sp. M
Xanthid sp. O
Xanthid sp. P
Xanthid sp. Q
Xanthid sp. R
Xanthid sp. S
Xanthid sp. T
Xanthid sp. U
Xanthid sp. V
Xanthid sp. W
Xanthid sp. X
xanthid sp. Y
xanthid sp. Z
xanthid sp. BB
xanthid sp. CC
xanthid sp. DD
xanthid sp. EE
xanthid sp. FF
xanthid sp. GG
xanthid sp. HH
xanthid sp. II
xanthid sp. JJ
xanthid sp. KK (Paulay's xanthid 859-10?)
xanthid sp. LL
xanthid sp. MM
xanthid sp. NN
 xanthid sp. OO
other brachyurans
Aethra scruposa
Calappa calappa
Calappa cf. gallus
Calappa hepatica
Calappa sp. B
dromiid sp. A
dromiid sp. B
dromiid sp. C
dromiid sp. D
cf. Ebalia sp. A
Ebaliopsis erosa
Elamena sp. 1
Exopalicus maculatus
Heteronucia venusta
Leucosia sp. 1
Leucosia sp. A
Leucosia sp. C
Nucia speciosa (Heteronucia laminata?)
Nucia sp. A (Heteronucia sp.?)
leucosiid sp. A
leucosiid sp. B
leucosiid sp. C
Eriphia sebana
Daldorfia horrens
Rhinolambis cf. petalophorus
Aulacolambrus hoplonotus
Furtipodia petrosa
parthenopid sp. C
Percnon guinotae
Uca crassipes
brachyuran sp. A
brachyuran sp. B
brachyuran sp. C
brachyuran sp. D
brachyuran sp. E
brachyuran sp. F
brachyuran sp. G
brachyuran sp. H
brachyuran sp. I
brachyuran sp. J
brachyuran sp. K
brachyuran sp. L
brachyuran sp. M (same as brachyuran sp. K?)
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